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Mrs. Scirone
Kindergarten Teacher
Ride Elementary

Classroom Schedule


                             clip_image002.jpg        Mrs. Scirone’s
     Kinderjungle Schedule

7:30am-7:50  Active Start on Playground or Indoor Activites
7:50-8:05 Students arrive to class  (Tardy after 8:05am/Absent after 9:00am)
8:00-8:30  Pledge, Announcements, Morning Job
8:30-10:30  Calendar, Language Arts, Activity Room, Literacy Centers, Guided Reading, Shared Reading, Daily 5, Writer’s Workshop, small group reading and math groups
10:30-11:00  Recess
11:00-11:30 Lunch
11:30-1:00pm  Math, Space Program (Enrichment/Intervention Activities)
1:00-1:55 P.E, Art, Music, Computer Lab and Library
1:55-2:50  Snack/Birthday celebration, Science and Social Studies
2:50-3:00 “Afternoon Wrap-Up” Prepare for dismissal
3:00-3:10pm  Dismissal

Special Times:
Mondays 9:25-10:25am Activity Room/Guided Reading
Tuesdays 9:25-10:25am Small Group Reading Helper
Tuesdays 2:10-2:40pm Whole Class Activity Room
Wednesdays 9:25-10:25am Activity Room/Guided Reading
Thursdays 9:25-10:25am Small Group Math Helper
Thursdays 2:10-2:40pm Scientist of The Week
Fridays 8:00-8:30am Reader’s Cafe
Fridays 8:45-9:15am Fun Friday Recess
Fridays 10:00-10:30am Fun Friday Activity Room

Kinderjungle News

Dear Families,
Kindergarten is planning a month full of activities. Our final units of study will be pets, farm animals, exotic animals, arctic animals, fish, ocean animals and summer safety.  In math we will continue to review graphs, adding, subtracting, shapes and identifying coins.  We will continue to work on our writing by making sure we have a beginning, middle and ending to our story.  I know that it is a busy time as we come to an end and I want each of my students to enjoy their last 24 school days of kindergarten!  Therefore, I would love it for homework if you could find some great books to read to your child :)  If you really want our May homework packet please send me a note, email or ask your child to ask me for it and I will send it home.  It is also on our website for you to download and print yourself.      
Important dates:

Monday, May 1st-5th:  Teacher Appreciation Week
Monday, May 8th-12th:  Closed Campus for Visitors for STAAR Testing
Friday, May 19th:  Ride Field Day!  Be looking to sign up to be a chaperon.  I would love it if we could have at least 5 or 6 chaperons so I can put the kids in small groups.  Lots of fun!  Be sure to send your child to school in cool clothes,Kindergarten will have free field day shirts donated and can change into them in the morning, wear shorts and tennis shoes, sunscreen if the weather is sunny! 
Friday, May 19th:  Summer Birthday Celebration!  We will celebrate our end to kindergarten with a Pizza party provided by our classroom funds, then I will have a sign up for our summer bday parents to bring plates, napkins, fruit, juice boxes, side, and dessert.  We will eat in our classroom from 11:00-11:30.  I would love to have a few extra hands from my summer bday parents to help with lunch in our classroom :) 
Monday, May 22nd:  Kindergarten Field Trip to The Woodlands Children's Museum. Leaving school at 9:45 and will be back to school by 12:30pm. Wear Ride Shirt or Ride Colors, good walking shoes, and pack a lunch and bring a picnic blanket or towel to share.  We will eat at Ridgewood Park. Check our website for more details.
Week of May 22nd-25th: Book Fair Week in The Library!  (Send money in Zip-lock bag with name labeled.  A volunteer will come after the announcements in the morning to take the kids who have money to the library.  Another great time to go is during your child's lunch.  We eat lunch at 11:00am.    
Monday, May 29th:  Memorial Day School Holiday
Thursday, June 1st:  Kindergarten Celebration from 8:45-9:30am.   
 Thursday, June 1st:  Early Release Day for all students at 12:05pm.  Please send in a packed lunch for your child if they will be staying after our celebration.  

The Kindergarten classes will end their school year with a Kindergarten Celebration Program on Thursday June 1st from 8:45-9:30am in the school cafeteria. Please arrive at 8:30 to allow time for check in at the front office and finding a seat in the cafeteria.  The program will include songs and special recognition. Your child is asked to wear Red,White, and blue clothes for their performance.  Family members (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends) are invited to come, celebrate the student's achievements, and take pictures. Please meet us back in our classroom for a special treat, award and lots of hugs from me!  There will be a sign-out sheet in our classroom to sign your child out after the performance, to avoid long lines in the front office.
Thank you for your help and support this year.  Our students could not have experienced kindergarten with such amazing success without your involvement.  It's been a great year and it's been a privilege and pleasure to watch your kindergartner grow and... BLOOM!
I will miss all my wonderful students and I wish each one of them the very best in their future!
Mrs. Scirone




What does a Kindergarten Student Look Like?

A Kindergarten Class is a group of five year old children, none of which look, act, think, behave, talk, or grow the same way.  Its members are all victims of a magical age during which they pass from four-year-old babies to five-year-old children. . It comes with assorted needs ranging from Kleenex to affection.  It has stars in it's eyes and loose teeth in its mouth;questions on its mind, and Band-aids on its knees; forgiveness in its heart and peanut-butter sandwiches in its lunch.
*A Kindergarten class is able to put more things on a teacher's desk during the first moment of school than any other class can accomplish in a full day.  Two bouquets of flowers, six wilted leaves, a cupcake, a pretty stone, three CD's, a favorite book turtle, and a broken Thermos.
*A Kindergarten Class is fond of big ice-cream sandwiches, movies, animal stories, and tales of how others lost their teeth and the reward gained.  It loves a teacher during the play period, disagrees with her when she takes a toy away, and loves her again when she smiles naturally.
*A Kindergarten Class is able to steal all of a ~teacher's time with just a little, evenly divided, unplanned effort. ~A skinned knee, lost lunch, broken zipper, chicken pox breakout, unties shoe, too small show, help requests and needed affection for one with a new brother, will fill the day nicely.
*A Kindergarten Class is eager to inform its teacher of all of the latest developments at home and abroad. She knows when every member of the family has a birthday, and gifts received thereupon.  She must look at every new pair of shoes, shirt, dress and new haircut.
*A Kindergarten Class spends much time on a teacher's feet, but more in her thoughts.  It can turn her stomach during lunch and her heart during dinner.  It spills paint on her dress and satisfaction on her soul.  It leaves her with a headache at three and greets her with a smile at eight.  It brings noise during the day and peace during the night.  It takes everything out of her, but gives more back when it leaves you a note on her desk written in poor manuscript but deepest feelings...I LOVE YOU  


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