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Ride Elementary School
Pamela Paling
4th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies




Conferences are held on an as needed and ongoing basis.   
Please contact me if you would like to schedule a conference.

Book orders will be sent home in the Tuesday Folder on a monthly basis.
Book orders are due @ 8:15 AM on Friday.  
Students may bring order page and payment to school, or parents may order and pay online.  
Class Code for online orders: DVBZX

Transportation Changes
Please send transportation changes, in writing, to the home base teacher.  
Front Office calls should only be used for EMERGENCY changes by 2:15 pm.


4th Grade Schedule
7:30-7:50 Active Start
7:50 Arrival to Classroom
8:00 Announcements
8:05 Tardy Bell
8:10-9:05 Enrichment*
9:05-11:15 Class Time
11:15-11:45 Lunch & Sit/Chat
11:45-2:40 Class Time
2:45-3:05 Recess (Monday - Thursday)
2:25-3:05 (Fun Friday)
3:10 - Dismissal

Red (PE), Orange (Art), Yellow (PE),
Green (Music), Blue (PE), Purple (Computer)
4th Grade Procedures

Conferences: Conferences are held on an as needed and ongoing basis. Parents may contact the teacher via e-mail, note, or phone call at any time during the school year to schedule a conference.  

Homework Folders: The homework folder is red and should go home with students each day. Students should assume responsibility for the folder and its contents. Work should be only be cleaned out under teacher direction at school.  

Homework: Students will have homework on a daily (Monday – Thursday) basis. Homework is due by 8:15 each morning.  

Late Work: Late work can and should be turned in.  10 points and 10 Texas Tickets will be deducted for each late assignment.  

Missing Work: A zero will be recorded for work that is not turned in.

Correct and Return: Daily work with a grade below 70 can and should be corrected and returned for a grade adjustment. The highest grade that can be made on a corrected paper is 70.

Tests: Test grades cannot be adjusted. The grade made on a test is the grade recorded.  

No Name Papers: Five points will be deducted for each paper with no name.

Tuesday Folders: This folder is yellow and will come home each Tuesday with work from the previous week and school bulletins. The folder should be returned to school on Wednesday with a parent signature. Work and bulletins should be kept at home for parent reference throughout the year.  

Absences/Make-Up Work: A note explaining the absence should be given to the home base teacher when a student returns to school. After three consecutive absences, work may be requested by calling the school. Students have two days for every day absent to complete and turn in make-up work.

Texas Tickets: Students will earn Texas Tickets for good behavior. Texas Tickets are redeemable for coupons and privileges.  

Behavior: 4th grade students are given one verbal warning for inappropriate behavior.  If the student misbehaves again, he/she will fill out a Behavior Reflection Form during recess.

Fun Friday: Fun Friday is held on the playground from 2:25 – 3:00. Students may bring a drink, snack, and a game/toy (no electronics) to play with. To attend Fun Friday, students must have completed and turned in all work for the week.   Serious or repeated behavior issues may result in the loss of Fun Friday.

Study Hall: Students who do not attend Fun Friday will attend Study Hall from 2:25 – 3:00 on Friday to complete missing, unfinished, unsatisfactory assignments and/or reflect on better behavior choices.  

Birthdays: Students may bring STORE BOUGHT cookies or precut treats.  NO CAKES or CUPCAKES are allowed per CISD policy.  Treats will be served before recess.  It is very helpful to provide napkins.  Please notify the home base teacher one day in advance.

Snacks: Students may bring a water bottle and healthy snack each day to enjoy after Enrichment.  

Food Allergies:  If a student has ANY food allergy listed they will not be given any food product in the classroom with out explicit permission from the parent.  Please provide a nonperishable treat for him/her to have during times peers will partake in a birthday or academic activitity that will involve food.  If the teacher has prior knowledge of this activity she will send an email and get permission from the parent or an equivalent treat can be sent in for that activity.


Language Arts/Social Studies
Students are responsible for work in the red homework folder on a daily basis.  
Student assignments are listed on the yellow assignment sheet in the red homework folder.


Read orally with a parent.  Review Language Arts Homework.  

Read orally with a parent.  Review Language Arts Homework.    Get the Tuesday Folder signed.  

Tuesday Folder, with a parent signature, is due!
Read orally with a parent.    Review, and get a parent signature on, Language Arts Homework.

Language Arts Homework is due at 8:15 AM with a parent signature.
Read orally with a parent.  Pack a snack,drink,and activity for Fun Friday!


Fun Friday!

Scholastic BookFlix

To support fluency growth at home your student has online access to Scholastic BookFlix, which is an online read aloud program with pairings of fiction and nonfiction books written on a K-3 reading level.
Username: sallykride
Password: bookflix
1. Click on: any of the 9 categories
2. Choose:  Go   Page tabs on the right have more book choices.
3. Click on: Go under Read the Book
4. Click on: Open
5. Student should have the Read Along function ON for the first reading, and just listen to the book.  Click on the blue Read Along area to enable it.
6. Student should then turn the Read Along function OFF and read the book orally to an adult.   This reading should be fluent (read at a steady and consistent rate, words pronounced correctly, commas paused for, periods stopped for, and appropriate voice inflection present)
7.  If student reads the book fluently, move onto a new book.   If student does not ready the book fluently, repeat #5 & #6 until fluency occurs.
8.  For fluency practice with 4th grade level text other than weekly homework passages, please use Scholastic News which comes in most Tuesday Folders.   If you would like more 4th grade level material, please let me know.



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For information about Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA coordinator:
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