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Welcome To Fourth Grade Math!

Contact Info
Conference Time: 8:30-9:00

Info You Need To Know:
I highly encourage all students to take their Math Interactive Notebook and Math Review Notebook home periodically in order to keep you involved in what we are doing and to seek help if needed.
Please note- Notebooks should be returned the next day, or it will be documented on the clipboard that materials were not returned. Thank you for your involvement at home!

Parent Info Night Recap!

Homework Folders & Planners:
These two things should come home everyday. Homework and important information is in there. There are also planners and information on Book Bingo, should you have a question. Planners document behavior for the day, listed with a number, if there was a situation. Below the date is a highlighted line for your signature. We check for parent signatures daily. We update the planners with important events happening school-wide and in 4th grade. Lots of information for you and your child and it helps him/her stay organized.

Book Bingo:
Please see homework folder for guidelines, as they have changed quite a bit this year (which we’re totally excited about!).

Parent Conferences:
Conferences are scheduled on an “as needed” basis either by the teacher or the parent. We would like to take some weeks to get to know the kiddos before scheduling any conferences.

We use tickets for classroom incentives. Students earn tickets daily, but they can also be taken from them. Student “cash in” tickets for special privileges throughout the year, such as wear a hat, bring a favorite snack/drink, bring a stuffed animal, teacher treat, or take a walking field trip to Panther Creek Shopping Center.

Transportation Changes:
Please let us know about changes in transportation by sending a note with your child in the morning.

We frequently send out emails letting you know what is happening in the classroom or around the school. We will also let you know of any supplies we might need for special projects. At any time, please feel free to email us if you have any concerns.

Grades Less than 70%:
Daily grades (NOT major grades) of 69% or below can be corrected at home on a separate sheet of paper, stapled to the original, and signed by a parent. The grade will change to a 70%. Please encourage your child to take advantage of this policy!

We give homework on Wednesdays and it’s due the following Tuesday. We wanted to provide enough time for kids to work on their homework. Kids are super busy each week with school and extra-curricular activities, so giving extra time over the weekend (let’s get real – Sunday nights) seemed to really work well for busy kiddos!

Class Behavior Clipboards:
Our class “clipboard” documents behavior. Certain behaviors (excessive talking, disruptive behavior, no HW turned in, not following directions) correspond with numbers. These numbers are documented in the planner each day if your child receives one. The key for behaviors are on the first page in your child’s planner. Your child should be able to communicate with you as to WHY they received a mark for the day.

Scholastic Book Order:
Please consider supporting Scholastic by ordering from book orders! Everything is sold tax-free, at great prices. This always allows teachers to collect “points” which we use for buying classroom necessities – thank you!!!!

Classroom Supply Wish List:
We have lots of different ways of learning, organizing, and keeping our classrooms germ-free!!! So many of you have already given extra supplies, which we are sooooooo grateful for! We could ALWAYS use plenty of the following:
red pens                                 Clorox Wipes            “fun” Duct tape             Scotch tape
clear packing tape              letter envelopes        glue sticks                         throw pillows
new/gently used games   post-it notes            copy paper
reel of tickets                 paper towels            napkins
paper plates                    index cards             colored Sharpies

Room Moms:
Mrs. Hurt- Lisa Gunden
Mrs. Osterman- Monica Carlin
Mrs. Miller-

4th Grade Procedures

  • Conferences: Conferences are held on an as needed and ongoing basis. Parents may contact the teacher via e-mail, note, or phone call at any time during the school year to schedule a conference.  
  • Homework Folders: The homework folder is red and should go home with students each day. Students should assume responsibility for the folder and its contents. Work should be only be cleaned out under teacher direction at school.  
  • Homework: A homework packet will be distributed every Wednesday. The entire packet is due on Tuesday, but students should  work on their homework a little each night. I understand that children have many activities after school and we appreciate your support in allowing a little time for homework nightly.
  • Late Work: Late work can and should be turned in. 10 points and 10 Texas Tickets will be deducted for each late assignment.  
  • Missing Work: A zero will be recorded for work that is not turned in.
  • Correct and Return: Daily work with a grade below 70 can and should be corrected and returned for a grade adjustment. The highest grade that can be made on a corrected paper is 70.
  • Tests: Test grades cannot be adjusted. The grade made on a test is the grade recorded.  
  • No Name Papers: Five points will be deducted for each paper with no name.
  • Tuesday Folders: This folder is yellow and will come home each Tuesday with work from the previous week and school bulletins. The folder should be returned to school on Wednesday. Work and bulletins should be kept at home for parent reference throughout the year.  
  • Absences/Make-Up Work: A note explaining the absence should be given to the home base teacher when a student returns to school. After three consecutive absences, work may be requested by calling the school. Students have two days for every day absent to complete and turn in make-up work.
  • Texas Tickets: Students will earn Texas Tickets for good behavior. Texas Tickets are redeemable for coupons and privileges.  
  • Behavior: Students cannot receive more than 2 marks on a behavior chart. If a student has 3 marks per day, they will forfeit their recess for the day. If students miss more than 2 days per week of recess, he/she will go to Study Hall during Fun Friday.
  • Fun Friday: Fun Friday is held on the playground from 2:25 – 3:00. Students may bring a drink, snack, and a game/toy (no electronics) to play with. To attend Fun Friday, students must have completed and turned in all work for the week. Students who sign the Recess Log 3 or more times in a week or receive a Discipline/Bus Referral will not attend Fun Friday.  
  • Study Hall: Students who do not attend Fun Friday will attend Study Hall from 2:25 – 3:00 on Friday to complete missing, unfinished, unsatisfactory assignments and/or reflect on better behavior choices.  
  • Birthdays: Students may bring prepackaged or precut birthday treats for their home base. Treats will be served in the classroom after lunch. Please notify the home base teacher at least one day in advance. We have a lot of birthdays to celebrate in the classroom this year. If you plan on sending treats with your students, please send enough to cover everyone in the class - approximately 20 kiddos. Remember: Store bought/packaged treats only. If your child suffers from any kind of allergy, you might want to think about sending a separate snack that I can keep here for special days. Thank you!
  • Snacks: Students may bring a water bottle and healthy snack each day to enjoy after Enrichment.

Helpful Information!

Please, please, please continue to practice multiplication facts as much as you can. Fact fluency is important as we go on to further units in math. Thank you for your support at home! Some helpful webistes I recommend are:

An important message from the nurse:
Dear Parents,
Many school children have health-related dietary restrictions, including peanut and/or tree nut allergies.  For these students, strict avoidance is the only way to prevent a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction. We are asking your assistance in providing a safe learning environment for all students.
We respectfully ask that peanut or nut containing products be avoided in the classroom. This includes foods labeled “may be processed on equipment that processes nuts”. For some students, any exposure, even on skin contact, can cause a severe reaction.  If your child has eaten any type of nut prior to coming to school, please assist him/her with thorough hand washing before coming to school.
The cafeteria has designated peanut-free areas so lunch time food selections do not require restrictions.
Thank you so much for your help in this matter. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime.  

Kim Schill, RN
Direct Line 281-465-2811


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